Waiting for The right break says actress Sanchita !!

Waiting for The right break says actress Sanchita !!

Sanchita shetty didn’t quite get the start she wanted in kollywood when kollaikaaran with vidharth hit the screen four years ago. A year later, when Soodhu Kavvum released, her performance as Shalu opposite Vijay Sethuapthi, was widely spoken about and received critical acclaim. The actress, who went on to star in Pizza 2,another hit movie of sorts, wasn’t seen in the industry until Ennodu Villlayaadu give her the much -needed comeback in the industry?”Definitely yes.The script which deals with horse reaching and a triangular love story was something that wasn’t explored before. Though I am paired with kathir in the movie, it is Bharath and I who hold the script. That is something to be cherished, “says a confident sanchita.she is also quick to add that both the production house and crew are of equal importance. “Banners matter the most.only a good production house can handle the production unit and the crew I also consider these factor before signing a script,”she says. Apart from Embodiment Villayadu, she has another four movies in her Kitty. “None of my roles in my upcoming movies would have me typecast, “says the actrees, who is currently shooting for Rum.”The movies will be a complete package, with Hrishikesh in the lead and Anirudh’s music. The story is about what happens after we enter a spooky house. In Enkitta Modhadhey .I play a Tirunveli girl.I had to undergo a complete makeover for my character,”she adds

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