Vishal is awarded with the face of animal activis who has very enpathetic social welfare

Vishal is awarded with the face of animal activis who has very enpathetic social welfare

Awardee: Face of Animal Activism -2015:

Vishal Krishna – Actor – South Indian Film Industry

Achievements in Social Cause:

Vishal Krishna is an Actor who has a very empathetic social welfare side. He has been supporting various causes like Education, Women Welfare, Transgender Empowerment and many more causes through his Devi Social and Educational Foundation. He had pioneered great rescue work during the Chennai Floods with a base camp in Lady Andal which is estimated to have helped 18 lac people and thousands of Animals in Chennai and Kadalur.

However, He emerged as a true Hero of Animal Welfare when he endorsed a series of very serious animal activism campaigns which was ‘Voice against Cattle Trafficking’ for a Coimbatore based NGO which made him receive open threats from religious organization and as a result was given highest form of protection from the Tamil Nadu police to attend the function. He had received a lot of criticism from General Public for his second major campaign he voiced against which was a Hunger Strike organized by PFCI that protested against ‘The Culling of Stray Dogs by the Kerala State Government’ – He had received maximum criticism for the same in social network and there were lot of people who had boycotted his movies in Kerala. Apart from active campaigns, He also financially supports various Animal Welfare NGO’s on a regular basis.

Jury’s Decision Based on:


Most of the actors shy away from animal welfare issues because of the criticism from general public. Especially an Actor who is at his peak will never get into mainstream activism. However, the actor was not only an active endorser but someone who walked the talk and was a part of some serious animal welfare issues in the year of 2015, Emerging as a True Hero in Animal Welfare.


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