Venkat prabu  rajesh director come together for TSiva ‘s 25th !!

Venkat prabu  rajesh director come together for TSiva ‘s 25th !!

The present generation Tamil movie buffs have come across some of the best comedies in Tamil cinema with movies like chennai28 and Siva manasula shakthi. Now the interesting news is that, the Director s both these blockbusters have combined for producer t siva’s amma creations on its  25th year. Talking about the project , said , “venkat prabhu and rajesh are two pillars when it comes to laugh riot flicks. Now i am glad to produce this film for which venkat prabhu does the screenplay and direction, an Director rajesh carves the story and script. My earlier association with venkat prabhu for saroja, and now with rajesh for kadavul irukkan kumaru has strenthened my trust in them.

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