Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran movie review 

Director Ezhil is known of late for his comedy films having wafer thin story lines. Soori is a key part of all his films and the comedian hasn’t let down the director one bit. In Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran (VVV), starring Vishnu Vishal and Nikki Galrani as the lead pair, Soori is joined by a plethora of other comedy actors such as Robo Shankar, Ravi Mariya, ‘Naan Kadavul’ Rajendran to name a few. The comedy works big time, for the most part and VVV is a worthy outing for the masses looking to de-stress and unwind.

The film does have a story, which lends itself to the funny nature of the film. Vishnu plays the right hand to an MLA played by Robo Shankar, Soori is his close friend whose moniker changes to ‘Pushpa Purushan’ after he volunteers for a marriage for the sake of Vishnu, Nikki Galrani plays a sincere cop who is also the love interest of Vishnu & Ravi Mariya and his group are after Robo Shankar as he has information about the whereabouts of 500 crores of money.

The second half has one memorable sequence running for close to 20 minutes, with Robo Shankar narrating a sequence countless times. Ravi Mariya is at the receiving end of Robo in this epic sequence which is sure to generate wild laughter in cinema halls. The scene when Robo goes after ‘panju mittai’ is again hilarious. There is a quirk involving him in the 2nd half and the film spikes up in a big way, thanks to this.

Soori as ‘Pushpa Purushan’ is in terrific form as usual, and after Marudhu and Idhu Namma Aalu, this is a hat-trick for Soori. Whenever he is referred as ‘Pushpa Purushan’, there is instant laughter. Vishnu is earnest as an actor, letting all the talented comedians take center stage. But this should prove to be a big win for him as a producer.
Nikki Galrani kicks butt in a few action sequences and she looks luscious in some colorful costumes provided by stylist Joy. The love track is more a mandatory inclusion and there isn’t much chemistry. Special mention to Ravi Mariya and Rajendran, who is turning out to be an instant crowd-pleaser. We also have Swaminathan doing his funny bits.

The film looks colorful and cinematographer Shakthi has understood the requirements of the script. Among Sathya’s songs, ‘Ayyo Paavam’ and ‘Pappara Muttai’ are hit worthy material but the songs appear force fitted into the screenplay, particularly the final ‘kuthu’ number inside a castle.

Joy Crizilda’s costume has given contrast colour to a commercial film.

At close to 2 hours 20 mins, VVV is a largely engaging affair and is easily Ezhil’s best in recent years. Vishnu should score more at the box-office with this, thanks to his comedy circus which is in prime form. Go watch it and laugh away your worries.

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