Trouble hits Yashika Anand!

Trouble hits Yashika Anand!

Trouble hits Yashika Anand!

Yashika Anand, the popular actress of Irutu Araiyil Muratu Kuthu fame invites trouble after signing in Currency notes for fans. The actress who was busy in her shoot for upcoming Horror-Comedy Zombie opposite Yogi Babu gets warning from critics as no one is allowed to sign in the currency notes other than the RBI Governor.

Actress Yashika Anand

Yashika was visiting a theme park when a group of youngsters surrounded her and asked for autograph. The actress signed in the currency notes for the fans and received huge warning from the critics as it might result in encouraging the spoiling of the notes. Nowadays people are not buying notes which are marked with pen and pencil. The actress is unavailable to comment on it.


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