Agni Dev is an political thriller directed by JPR and Sham Surya.


Jiiva, Nikki Galrani, Anaika Soti, RJ Balaji, Rajendra Prasad, SuhasiniManiratnam, Govind Padmasoorya, Manobala ,Suhasini, Meera Krishnan .

The plot is set between Agni Dev, a honest and sincere IPS officer and a corrupt politican Sagundala Devi. Agni finds a case about Demonetization issue in which Sagundala Devi is the accused. Sagundala, with the help of Police Commissioner tries to solve things illegally. However, Agni finds everything about her. Who wins the battle and what happens to Agni Dev and Sagundala Devi is the climax of the movie.

Bobby Simha nails the role of a cop and does justice to his role. He easily connects to the audience with his powerful performance.

Madhubala makes her comeback even more powerful. Her mannerisms and body language are really appreciable. She completely dominates with her impeccable performance.

Ramya Nambeesan, Sathish, M.S Baskar played their parts quite well.

The background score in the thriller scenes were highly intriguing and intensifying. It elevates the scenes to a different level.

Camera work has to one of the major highlights for the film. Cinematographer has perfectly delivered the needs of a Political thriller.

Overall, It is a thriller ride which leaves you with a impactful message at the end.


  • Dialouges
  • Comedy


  • Lag in Screenplay


Story - 7
Screenplay - 7
Direction - 6
Artist - 7
Music - 6
Cinematography - 6
Editing - 7
Stunt - 6
Dance - 7
Art - 6
- 7

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