The name is #Kabali !!

The name is #Kabali !!

In Kabali superstar Rajini is playing the role of angry man who have more self confidence ;There is no regular punch dialogues for him #Kabali.

Radhika Apte is the pair for our Superstar in Kabali. She has expressed some different type of matured romantic expressions in the song which is shoted at Goa.

saidhanshika plays the role called ” #Yogi ” in #Kabali with ” Boy cut ” & modern dress . she is a Thailand gangster who is opposite to ” Kabali ” that means ” Superstar Rajinikanth ” .
Director just asked Sai Dhanshika that she need to change her look ; all of the sudden she came in ” Boy cut” by sacrificing her long hair.

Actor Kalaiyarasan is playing the role of Teacher named Tamilkumaran who is working at school run by #Kabali Super star Rajini kanth.

In Kabali Attakaththi Dinesh is the son of another gangster ; he gets admired by Kabali ‘s style & he joins ” Kabali’s” gang & travels with him.
Johnvijay plays the role called ” Ameer ” who is friendly advisor of Kabali ; his role will have more values in the movie.
Many actors from ” Malaysia ” are playing some small characters in Kabali.

Actor #Kishore is playing the role of Malaysian gangster who is opposite to Kabali.
Taiwan born Chinese actor ” winstonChao ” is another big don who is challenging villain for Superstar in kabali.

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