Thalaivar SuperStar Rajinkanth in 24 Years of Uzhaipali

Uzhaippali- Never Defeated Uzhaippali (Rajini) Of Cinema Industry.

After Thalapathi, Mannan & Annamalai, Rajini was red hot & much in demand at the box office. Rajini movies started exceeded normal regional collections making the film producers all over India sit up & take notice. For the other heroes, it was not to be the same.

Jan 16th, 1993: From here onwards RAJINI became a one man army in the industry overnight!

Jan 16th, a meeting between heroes & distributors took place to discuss the piracy issues as cinema industry started seeing all time low with movies flopping badly due to piracy but the meeting ended with tussle between the distributors & heroes. During the debate, distributors urged the producers to control the film stars salary. During the mid of the session, Rajini suddenly stood & replied to the distributors that he was not ready to reduce his salary & consider other options. Rajini revolted back saying- You sell the product based on our brand value & face, & you also make money with our market value. I see no reason to cut down my salt. Talk to govt. Request cut down on entertainment tax. Deal with theater owners & slash the rates. An actor gives you opening collections, story screenplay & direction decides the fate of the film later.”  He said & went away. This has become very big issue & distributors decided to impart a RED CARD on Rajini & also announced that in future Rajinikanth films will not be distributed. This problem has become highly talkative of Tamil Nadu & happened during the month end of January. At that time, AVM’s Yejaman was ready for release hence AVM Saravanan requested the distributors that they have announced the release date hence this RED CARD system shall not impart for their film. They also agreed the same. So Rajini himself distributed Uzhaippali to theaters. The problem went to such a peak where Rajini was provided with 2 armed guards who travelled with him wherever he went. Then problem got solved amicably before one week before the release.


Feb 5th, 1993, grand opening for Uzhaippali was held at Vijaya Vauhini studio. The opening was conducted even though the distributors not willing to distribute Rajini films & the red card against Rajini was not removed. Entire film personalities were invited & the media covered the news in an exclusive manner.

Maalai Murasu evening headlines: Prachanaiku Pin Rajini Padapidapu, a 4 page article & news published on that day.

Vasuki Magazine published a 2 page Uzhaippali poojai article titled as “5 Kodi Nayagan”.

On the opening day, veteran producer B. Nagireddy presented 101 gold coins to Rajini & blessed him. Rajini gave those 101 gold coins to poor people later on. On the pooja day, production house published exclusive ad without any photos and it stated as “Uzhaippali Indru Mutha Uzhaika Thodangugirar”.

Production house magazine BOMMAI did a special supplement on Uzhaippali fully in colour. It was very much attractive. Inside the supplement, the entire film unit members gave an exclusive interview about the film.

Vasu has completed the film in 58 days & film was announced for June release.

During the production of film, production house did a very good publicity in medias & papers. Especially on festival holidays like Tamil New year day, they gave special advertisements in the papers. It was very much attractive.

Vijaya Vahini Movies produced this film after few years gap. Director P. Vasu directed this film after the grand success of Mannan. Unlike a remake film, Vasu penned the original story based on MGR formula film Enga Veetu Pillai.

During that time, Rajini became headlines of Tamil Nadu. Everyday, you will see Rajini related news. All the co-stars arranged for a function to support Rajini with regard to distributors statement against Rajini & Uzhaippali. This issue was brought to the attention of Chief Minister Jayalalitha & it was resolved amicably few days before the release of Uzhaippali.

It is very important to note the film NSC rights released by Rajini distribution company : RAMANA FILM DISTRIBUTORS.


Audio Release function was held at Vauhini Studios in very simple manner. Special guests were Chiranjeevi (Rajini close friend) & Balakrishna (P Vasu close friend)

Overall the music was attractive & did good sales. After the audio release, the songs were played in Vivid Bharathi. Production house promoted the songs by requesting P.Vasu to brief on the song & the film.

Apart from 8 songs, Oru Maina Kuruvi song was a huge hit. Also you could notice dancer Lawrence appeared as a dancer in group song of Muthirai Ippodhu & Uzhaippali title song.

Music was penned by Ilayaraja & re-recording done by Karthick Raaja


Date of Release: 24/6/1993

Released Theaters: Albert, Abirami, Kamala, Crown, Sri Brinda (All 4 Shows)

Other films released together with Uzhaipazhi: Rajadhi Raja Raja Kulothunga
Raja Marthanda
Kathavaraya Krishna Kama Rajan

It means no competition. Since there was a huge expectation for this film & none of the heroes were ready to release their movie.
Since distributors had red card against Rajini, there were number of theater owners ready to release the movie without going through distributors. Rajini has not forgotten them & until now he gives priority to these theaters.

On 17.6.1993, the reservation ad was published & on 18.6.1993 (before a week release) production house listed the entire Tamil nadu theaters with following slogan

Bhoomi Nindrathillai
Agayam Vizhnthathillai
Uzhaippali Thotrathillai

Before the movie released, Madurai fans gave an 8 page special edition in Madurai Mani paper about Uzhaippali. They gave the following slogan & was highlighted in the edition:

Mannai Thodalam
Vinnai Thodalam
Anaal Engal Yejamanin Yennathai Thoda Mudiyuma?

On the day of the release, paper ad was given in colour with the following slogan:

Thirai Ulagil Indru Thaan Deepavali
Velli Thiraigalil Uzhaippali

The film opening reservation was fabulous & almost 15 days housefull on reservation day. The opening report was fantastic & became talk of the town.

According to daily paper ads, it was very good publicity done by Chandamama Combines. They issued daily ads till 3 weeks & later every Friday more important number of days like:

30 days ad caption: Sertha Kootamillai Thaanaga Serndha Kootathudan

50 days ad caption: Tamil Thirai Ulagil Thirupumunai Thantha Uzhaippali Indru 50 Avathu Nalil Adi Eduthu Vaikirar

75 days ad caption: Uzhaippali Vetriku Rasigargal Tha Poruppali

100 days ad caption: Uzhaippali Rajinikum, Rasigargalukum Nandri


From Uzhaippali, Rajini films used to release in 5 Chennai Theatres as 4 Shows in all.

Rajini, only hero who has given 3 100 days films in 1000 seating Chennai theatres Abirami Main Screen: Annamalai, Uzhaippali & Padayappa.

Rajini refused to have 100 days function as he doesn’t want to hurt who are involved in Uzhaippali release problem

At Trichy, it was released in 3 theater such as Ramba, Oorvasi & Kalaiarangam. Initially it was only 3 but due to public demand it was screened in Maris noon show.

Thirvarurur- Thailammai theater. Uzhaippali broke Thalapathy, Mannan, Annamalai, Pandiyan & Yejaman within 50 days (Rs5, 19, 369.70).

Record in Thenkasi Bharadan & Thai Bala theater manager told “during my 47 years service I did not see this type of crowd & lot of aged people & ladies are pouring to our theaters. Hence we have decided to allocate more tickets for ladies that too we are issuing the ticket an hour before the movie. 16 days collection was fabulous in our theater (Bharadan) Rs. 1, 75,659.10 which is exactly Rs54,000 more than Yejaman collection.”

Kamala Theater owner Chidambaram comment on Uzhaippali: Our theater started in 1972 & we have not seen such a huge crowd for any film & the collection wise it is doing extraordinary business. All are happy like producers, theaters, distributors etc. Once again Rajini has given a SUPER HIT film casually.

Salem theater owner Subramanian appreciated the box office of the film & said that the film managed to attract ladies & they issue more tickets separately for ladies queue.

Kerala Box office:

In kerala, the film did great business and crossed 50 days in 10 centers and ran 100 days in 1 center.


This film was released in overseas too especially in Singapore and Malaysia. In Singapore, it was released at Hoover Theater and ran more than 30 days. At Malaysia, it was released more than 20 theaters doing a fantastic business.

Uzhaippali was one of the good hits in Rajinikanth’s carrier as well as very important film. Rajinikanth met so many obstacles & faced critics through this film.

In Tamil Nadu, Uzhaipazhi ran 50 days in 57 theaters & ran more than 100 days in following centers like:

Chennai: Albert / Baby Albert complex: 116 days
Chennai : Abirami complex: 116 days
Chennai : Kamala Crown : 85 days
Chennai : Sri Brindha : 50 days
Madurai: Solai Malai: 100 days
Madurai : Mini Priya: 142 days (highest no of days)
Erode: Abirami complex: 125 days
Kovai: Anupallavi: 100 days
Salem: Alankar: 100 days
Nellai: PVT: 105 days
Dharmapuri: Anand: 100 days (1st Tamil film ran 100 days in this city)Tiruvananthapuram: Central: 100 days


All most every media gave excellent reviews except Kumudam & Vikatan. They had some different thoughts and criticized the movie.

The positive reviews published in the following papers like:
Daily Thanthi : Uzhaippali never defeated
Dinakaran: Commercial entertainer
Kumudam: mentioned about Rajini best performance when he is meeting Sujatha (Antha Oru Katchi Pothume)
Makkal Kural: highlight of the review: P.Vasu is happy because of good response. Rajini gone up in box office. 1 full big complete page amazing review.
Kalkandu: SAMALIPPALI: Please note you can’t expect a positive review in this Kalkandu. They have appreciated this film especially Rajini and Vasu.

During 1990’s there was a book called TAMIL ARASI coming on weekly basis. In that magazine, they have chosen Uzhaippali as the best film for the month of June 1993

As you all knew that during end of the year, all the papers will analyze the movies of the year. On 2.1.1994 Maalai Malar rated Uzhaippali as one of the most talkative movie. They have narrated the best scene in the movie YESTERDAY COLLIE, TODAY ACTOR BUT TOMORROW?? It was a highlight of the movie.

If some other actor gives such a hit movie definitely they will celebrate 100 days function. Director Vasu also had a plan & he discussed with Rajini but Rajini gently said that this film released with lot of problems, tussle, hence he doesn’t want to hurt those who are involved in the problem during the movie release. He refused to have the function.

But fans celebrated 100 days functions at Chennai Trichy, Nellai & Madurai. You can see the Victory shields at the theater showcases like Chennai; Albert, Abirami & Nellai: PVT, Madurai etc.

In-spite of CD, DVD, Private Cable channels, DTH channels this film had screened many times but even though the film again released in 2000’s.

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