SIGAI is a Crime-suspense thriller film directed by debutant Jagadeesan Subu and produced by NPKS. Logu under the banner of Divine Studios. The film stars Karthir, Meera Nair, Raj Bharath, Riythvika, Mayil Samy, Rajesh Sarma, Mal Marosa, Brila Boss, Vishalini, Muthukumar in the pivotal role. Ron Yohann composed music for the film.


The story revolves around a set of pimp and prostitutes in Chennai where people are forced and sometimes willingly involves in prostitution. Nimmi( Meera Nair) is send to a customer to spend a night but the latter didn’t returns home. Sacred Prasanth, a pimp who send her to the customer along with Cheta (Rajesh Sarma), the main pimp searches Nimmi everywhere. The situation turns worse when they find the dead body of Santhosh, who was the customer. Set the story as Crime-Thriller, the pimps searches her and wants to send her home. Then comes Mathivanan (Karthir) from the U.S who is a friend of Santhosh. Will they be able to find Nimmi? Who killed Santhosh? Who is Mathivanan?


The story highlights the everyday life of a prostitute but the story takes entire U-turn when Santhosh is found dead! Watch the Thriller SIGAI in your near by theatres. Critics has appreciated the director’s effort in highlighting the different shades of Transgenders.



Story - 8
Screenplay - 7
Direction - 8
Artist - 8
Music - 9
Cinematography - 9
Editing - 8
Stunt - 8
Dance - 8
Art - 7
- 8

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