Shivaay – (HINDI) Movie Review

Ajay Devgn’s Shivaay Review :- world class thriller !!

Best Performance Acting Category :- Ajay Devgn

Best Making Category :- Ajay Devgn .

Shivaay, the film where actor Ajay Devgan also the director hat for his film has released today with huge expectations. This film has Ajay Devgan,Sayesha Saigal,Erika Kaar,Abigali Eames in the lead and has music and cinematography by Mithoon and Aseem Balaji respectively.

The film has turned out to be a brilliant one loaded with world class action and soulful emotions.The film starts with “Bolo Har Har” song and the song was captured in never seen before manner and gives a thunderous start to the film. Then the film is carried away by enriching lovemaking scenes and beautiful father-daughter scenes where the story is established in a slow yet brilliant way. The story gets more deeper after this and the film ends up as a tremendous action roller-coaster ride which provides pure entertainment.

Ajay Devgan delivers his best performance in recent times and he is terrific in action sequences and elegant in emotional scenes. Child artist Abigali Eames is a treat to watch and she plays a dumb child where she delivers a stunning performance. Female leads Sayesh Saigal and Erika Kaar had a decent outing in the film.

Ajay Devgan’s direction is splendid in the film and he has extracted the best from all the actors and technicians which paved way for the film’s brilliance. Music by Mithoon is the heart and soul of the film and each of his song is idiosyncratic and his background score elevates each and every scene. The cinematographer Aseem Balaji is a great talent as he had captured mountains and peaks in a never scene before way and the way he has captured action scenes and chases is top class. Locations where the film is captured are eye-catching,beautiful,breathtaking and brilliant. The editing cuts are superb but could have been bit crisper.

Shivaay is a more of an emotional ride which should never be missed for its visuals, solid story, soulful emotions and breathtaking action!

Worldclass emotional action ride with breathtaking visuals!
Rating: 3.5/5

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