Shaabash Naidu” in America

Shaabash Naidu” in America

I am happy to say that I and members of my unit have arrived in Los Angeles for shooting of our new film, “Shaabash Naidu”. This is a project that we are all enthused about and we have hit the ground running. As with almost every film production in our industry, we are dealing with the inevitable hiccups in production, especially with a project of this scale and complexity, but it is my good fortune to be working with an extremely talented and supportive cast and crew.

I am especially appreciative of the continued support of the US Consulate in Chennai, who have always been very understanding and extremely helpful in enabling us to have smooth passage to USA for the many shoots that my production house has undertaken there. I will presume to speak for my industry when I say that they have always been very supportive of any credible and genuine effort to make a South Indian film in the US of A.  I thank them for their warm support and look forward to more such efforts from my industry.

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