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Siva Karthikeyan’s Remo Review !!
Best Acting Category :- Siva Karthikeyan

Keerthy Suresh

Best Cinematography

P.C.Sree Ram

Best Original Score

Rock Star Anirudh

Remo mainly works because of two reasons. One of the major strength of the film is the lead pair. Sivakarthikeyan has delivered his finest performance in the film and his performance in the lady getup is top notch. He completely transforms himself as a woman and his womanly attitude is terrific. Keerthy suresh looks damn gorgeous in this film and she created a beautiful feeling among youngsters to have a girlfriend as beautiful and cute like her. Her expressions are super cute and it halts permanently in the mind of youngsters.Another pillar of strength is PC Sreeram and Anirudh. Legendary PC Sreeram captures the film in simple yet beautiful manner and every visuals in the film are enriching. Anirudh’s background score holds the movie throughout and keep the viewers engaged. His songs entertain the viewers throughout which is a major positive in the film. Without PC Sreeram and Anirudh,this film will be too plain.

Director has handled the story in a lethargic way and this film is too predictable as we would have seen the story in many films like Mounaraagam and Avvai Shanmugi. The character sketches in the film are too weak and the director has given more scope to the characters of hero and heroine but the scope for other cast was very minimal.

Sivakarthikeyan knows what he can do and going by his short career so far the audience too seem to be content with it. Remo is quite an oxymoron from his point of view. He has played it safe again but with a substantial risk too.

The decision to play a female in disguise would have taken some convincing on his own part. In Tamil cinema it is always the actors who do this. The stars usually would prefer to stay macho. For someone who looks to be a star (from his career choices so far) this is quite a brave decision. He does manage to make things work here as the nurse. It is not a performance that might make you consider him a serious actor but it is quite cute in way. The action sequences are a damp squib with the body double so obvious at certain places. Keerthy Suresh looks ravishing and does a neat job. Sathish delivers the laughs in his limited space.

While this is not a problem with Remo alone the double standards that these films carry is getting beyond a point. It is love at first sight for the hero. And then we have dialogues about how love is beyond physical appearances. The hero happens to see a beautiful girl on the road. We get to know that he has fallen in love with the help of Anirudh’s BGM. In the next scene he gets to know that she is engaged. He weeps and then says to his friend that he did not cry this much even when his father had expired. If that is all it takes to fall in love he could so easily fall in love everyday (of course with the BGM to help him understand this). If this is the love that these movies are going to continue propagating, God help the impressionable minds. I literally found no difference between the love between the lead pair and the one that Yogi Babu has for the ‘nurse’ avatar of Sivakarthikeyan.

You do not expect logic in these movies. And seriously there is no logic in expecting it. You do not mind the hero alternating between the two sexes within a matter of seconds. But when you notice the slight stubble which vanishes during the makeover only to be present again in the very next scene you realize a complete disregard for common sense on the part of the makers.This is also a film where a nurse wears only her uniform even when she is called in the middle of the night by her friend. The male population would happily welcome a movie by Bakkiyaraj Kannan where the heroine plays a lingerie model.

The characterisation of the groom is a terrible sore point. Why is it that our makers always opt for the easy choice of making the groom a bad guy. Our heroes are so good that they want to help out only those girls who are engaged to male chauvinists. Vaseegara, Youth, Vaalu and the list goes on. Why not have the guy as a decent fellow? But then you will have to search for someone other villain to have a stunt sequence in a romcom. Effective utilisation of the available characters probably!!!

All said and done, Remo does provide some bare minimum entertainment which is the ultimatum that these films aim at. It does keep providing some laughs on the go. The type of jokes that you do not recollect the next minute. Sivakarthikeyan’s makeover as the nurse looks credible. The stylists have done a real good job. For a role that runs almost throughout the film, Sivakarthikeyan has done a commendable job in not turning it into a caricature. The songs are catchy and shot in music video style. But they all look identical with the choreography.

This film is too lengthy and it needs a trimming of atleast 20 minutes. Editor should have concentrated more on keeping the film crisp. This film would have been much better with proper treatment. In the language of legendary Panju Arunachalam we can say this as a film with story but without proper treatment.

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