RajiniKanth Speech at BRIIC Inauguration function.

Bharathiraja’s directorial debut 16 vayathinilae is one of the massive hit movies of the vintage, in which Superstar RajiniKanth and KamalHassan played in pivotal roles. RajiniKanth was very famous for his character in this movie, which is said to be an antagonist.

Director Bharathiraja opened a college for Cine industry, named as Bharathiraja International Institute of Cinema recently. The epic stars Rajinikanth and KamalHassan attended this function and inaugurated the BIIC of Bharathiraja.

Rajinikath spoke at that function, he said, “I like BharathiRaja very much. He likes me, but in his old interviews, when journalists used to ask him his opinion on me as an actor, he would say, ‘He is a good human being.’ But He never accepted me as a good actor. I could always read his mind voice, ‘How do people accept him as an actor?, and also he says. Bharathiraja asked for his ‘time’ only on two occasions in his four-decade-long career. “First was the call sheet for ’16 Vayadhinile’. The second is to attend this function.”

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