RajiniKanth pays his tribute to late Mr. Chandrahassan today

Actor KamalHassan’s elder brother ChandraHassan died of a heart attack on last month 19th (March19). Today the memorial meet of Chandrahassan had been held at KamaRajar Hall, Chennai. Tamil celebrities took part in that meeting and they pay their tribute to late Mr. ChandraHassan.

Superstar Rajinikanth, the close friend of Kamala Hassan spoke at that event, and he said,“I’ve heard a lot about Chandra Hasan. But I met him only twice. Whatever savings Kamal has, Chandrahasan is the reason for the same. I have never seen an anger person like Kamal. We have seen only 10 percent of his anger. But I’ve seen him go 100 percent. He must control his anger in the future and Charu Anna will lead him in the sweetest way. Kamal considers four persons as his  pillars – K Balachander, Charu Haasan and Chandra Haasan and Ananthu. Three of them were not present today.  But we are there for you Kamal. May Chandra Hasan’s soul rest in peace.”

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