‘Pencil’ Antagonist Shariq made a Decent Entry to Tamil Cinema !!

‘Pencil’ Antagonist Shariq made a Decent Entry to Tamil Cinema !!

Showers are pouring in for the young and charming actor Shariq, who made his debut in the recent release ‘Pencil’. The actor was seen as an antagonist in the film for which he had received huge positive acclaims from Media critics.

The tall and hand some Shariq hails from a family of professional actors. His father is Riyaz Khan who had played many important roles in many films. His Mother is Uma Riyaz who played a hired killer in Biriyani and a cop role in Mouna Guru. Shariq happens to be the grandson of veteran actress Kamala Kamesh. “Since from my childhood I always love to see the world through the Lens and hence I have a great passion towards Photography. My ultimate craze towards visuals made me to watch almost all language films” says the whip-smart Shariq.

The youngster who is currently doing his Animation studies feels happy for his antagonist character in ‘Pencil’ movie. “Director Mani Nagaraj spotted me through my photographs on Facebook and he had given this wonderful opportunity. The offer came on my dad’s birthday and I was quite nervous about the idea of acting on big screen. It was my parents who motivated me for the big step and I really feel proud for being a part of ‘Pencil’ film. In the beginning my Parents were little stammered for my negative role but later they realized the importance and power of my character in the film which has given me a green a signal. According to me big or small, hero or anti- hero role doesn’t matter; the character should entertain the audience and it must remain in their minds For an actor negative or positive doesn’t matter as far as the role is effective i realised after receiving accolades from the people who had watched the film.Most of the top stars who excel today are the ones who had shone in negative roles earlier. Iam sure and confident that my path is similar. In that case I am very much happy!” winks and signs off the smart Shariq.

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