Parvathy Enjoyed Playing a village belle !!

Parvathy Enjoyed Playing a village belle !!

Parvathy Nair says she enjoyed playing the role of a village belle in her upcoming film , Enkittq Mothathe .the actress ,who is paired opposite rajaj in the film says that she loved shooting in the 80s against the back drop of a village .we shoot Majour portions of the film in some of the most rural areas near tirunelveli .it was very fascinating for me says parvathy .
Sharing her experience.parvathy says .I had scenes like drawing water from a well and
Carrying it around on my waist. Also, I had to grind rice using a stone grinder like how villagers used to do traditionally. It was quite fun as this is the first time I got to do all this in my life. People in the villages we shot in were very warm and friendly. They used to make special food and sweets for us. ” while the actress shot some portions in Chennai, too, she admits that she had more fun while shooting in the villages. “In fact, I’d feel bad each time we’d leave a village as we’d finish shooting, “she adds.

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