Its beyond doubt that #Aadhi knows the Pulse of Youngsters and raise them with his zestful Performance once again in #Natpethunai. #Anagha has done her role Decently. Interval block will leave you with Goosebumps. #KarupazhaniAppan makes it look like an effortless score in his easy-breezy villain role. YouTubers should have used this opportunity more efficiently. Songs aren’t peppy enough like MeesayaMuruku album. Comedies didnt work but some Dialogues did. Screenplay is a plus point especially the last 20 minutes will pull you into the Scenes. Totally, a Commercial entertainer that shouldn’t be missed by Every friends Gang.


  • Dialouges
  • Comedy


  • Lag in Screenplay


Story - 8
Screenplay - 7
Direction - 7
Artist - 6
Music - 7
Cinematography - 7
Editing - 7
Stunt - 8
Dance - 7
Art - 7
- 6

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