Mohenjodaro Music review

Verdict: Fascinating music from A.R.Rahman and it takes us to an enterprising trip to Indus Valley civilization.


Mohenjo Mohenjo (Singers: A.R.Rahman , Arijit Singh , Bela Shende):

Highly composite composition from AR Rahman with highly complex Orchestra which is high on beats and various traditional folk instruments. Arijit Singh has nailed it with great ease and Bela Shende’s voice is mesmerizing and adds more beauty to the song. Highly stimulating music with superb vocals and orchestra makes this a great hear.

Sindhu ma (Singers: A.R.Rahman,Sanah Moidutty):

Enchanting composition from A.R.Rahman with hypnotizing singing from Rahman and Sanah Moidutty. Orchestra is mild with lesser beats and beautiful rhythms thus giving more scope for singing. Don’t miss the hymn type of lines sung by Rahman when the song progresses.

Sarasariya (Singers:Shashwat Singh,Shasha Tirupathi):

Fusion of earthy and melodious tunes with unconventional use of flute,beats,strimgs and rhythms from A.R.Rahman. Shasha Tirupathi’s voice glitters and she completely dominates the song with her ravishing singing and Shashwat Singh supports her in a superb way throughout. The violin piece at the end is beautiful.

Tu Hai (Singers: A.R.Rahman,Sanah Moidutty):

Derived from the song Sindhu Maa and it carries the same effect as its predecessor. Highly appealing and enthralling stuff!

Whispers of the mind (Singer: Arjun Chandy):

Makes us travel in time to the Indus valley civilization period and such a composition proves why Rahman is a versatile composer. Orchestra which is mild and nightmarish and humming from Arjun amplifies the abhorrent mood.

Whispers of the heart (Singer: Arjun Chandy):

Same orchestra as Whispers of mind but added with more beats and chorus voices. Provides the same feel as the previous track.

The Shimmer of Sindhu:

High spirited mesmerizing composition from Rahman with beautiful use of strings and flute. Highly fascinating and provides a feel good feel.

Lakh Lakh Thora:

Top class instrumental with stunning orchestra which is highly pessimistic and cheerful. Sure to rock the screen with the visuals

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