Metro movie Review

Metro a film about chain snatching which doesn’t glorify crime and clearly portrays the grave consequences if one gets into this route. Crime won’t pay .. A must watch for female audience for awareness purpose.

The story is set in a family where the younger brother is lured into this mean world due to his thirst for easy money to appease his demanding girl friend. The elder brother plays a honest journalist who is forced to get into action after disaster strikes the family due to the younger brother’s manic ways.

The scenes showing the younger brother drifting towards the other side have worked out well. Youngsters are instantly attracted towards superbikes and iphones !

The chain snatching scenes have been filmed with stunning precision by the cinematographer and stunt choreographer. A lot of action happens in the night and the camera work is super-racy. We are lured into the chase scenes and all the tension, intensity. Lots of aerial shots have been employed by DoP N.S.Udhayakumar and he has delivered quality work. The interval block is one terrific high point.

Music director Johan is another pillar for the film, with his pulsating re-recording and apt montage tracks. The film is racy at just under 2 hours and doesn’t drag.

Coming to the performances, Bobby Simhaa makes a brief but impactful appearance as the leader of the chain snatching gang. Newcomer Shirish is earnest but he needs to improve his body language & should work hard on expressions too. Shirish screen presence is really good. Sendrayan isn’t a henchman or small-time rowdy here and the casting idea is interesting. He plays Shirish’s best friend, who will go to any lengths for him. Newbie Sathya is has spoiled the chance which knocked his door. Director should have used him in a better way. Thulasi shows all her experience as the mother, while actor Nishanth is an easy fit for such unlawful parts.
Another factor in favor of Metro is that it doesn’t glorify crime and clearly portrays the grave consequences if one gets into this route. Ananda Krishnan’s battle with the censors to pass this film is just unfortunate. Agreed, the film is violent, bloody and features characters indulging in substance abuse, but the plot demands all this. Thankfully good sense has prevailed and the film is out with an ‘A’ certificate. Metro is bound to work with the male folk and those who can stomach hard-hitting cinema.

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