Dhanush becomes a king of Sequel! MAARI-2 is released worldwide today and audience has become silenced by the actors performance. People have tweeted the response regarding the film and calls the film ‘A Mass Family Entertainer’. Balaji Mohan has set Maari back on track with  Well-scripted dialogue delivery, Powerful screenplay, Mass action sequence, Rowdy babies romance, Yuvan’s musical touch, Terrorizing antagonist.

The story revolves around Maari who is back to his usual fray with his rowdy and playful activities. Then comes our Auto drivers Arathu Anandhi and Aranthaangi Nisha who pins for Maari’s love. Aranthaangi Nisha who by comedy and playfulness wants to marry Maari. Varalakshmi plays a powerful IAS Officer while Tovino plays Beeja who wants to stop Maari and calls himself the ‘GOD OF DEATH’. Krishna and Maari’s friendship is also seen. Dance sequence to Romance the film has outraged itself.

Watch the action packed fun-filled Maari-2. Actors Sivakarthikeyan, Amala Paul have tweeted and congratulated the actors regarding their success. Maari-2 has given everything that people will ask for and Dhanush fans has gone crazy after the huge success!



Story - 8
Screenplay - 9
Direction - 8
Artist - 9
Music - 8
Cinematography - 9
Editing - 8
Stunt - 9
Dance - 9
Art - 7
- 8

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