LKG is a Tamil political satire film directed by Prabhu, which is his directorial debut. The film stars RJ Balaji and Priya Anand in lead roles. Politician Nanjil Sampath made his acting debut in this movie. Leon James is the music director and the film is produced by Ishari K. Ganesh under Vels Film International.

The story and screenplay of the movie was written by RJ Balaji and friends.

The plot of the movie is how Lalgudi Karupiah Gandhi, a local councilor contests in a bye-election as a candidate to become an MLA and then becomes Chief Minister of Tamilnadu with the help of a political strategist Sarala.

RJ Balaji’s timing and hilarious dialouges were thoroughly enjoyable and it was a laughter riot in theatres. RJ Balaji, the debutante, has perfectly fit into the character of an young politician who wants to settle high in life without wasting time like his father. Priya Anand plays a corporate girl guiding RJ Balaji to success. The comedy has worked well among the audience and the movie has good numbers in Boxoffice too.


  • Dialouges
  • Comedy


  • Lag in Screenplay


Story - 8
Screenplay - 7
Direction - 7
Artist - 7
Music - 7
Cinematography - 8
Editing - 6
Stunt - 7
Dance - 6
Art - 7
- 6

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