As the name suggests KANAA is a dream of people who wants to achieve their goals in life. The director Arunraja Kamaraj shows the dreams of three people who also has a flashback and he shows it as a parallel in the film.  The music director has an excellent job in creating the emotions that the film and audience wants.

The story revolves around a farmer Murugesan (Sathyaraj) and his daughter Kousalya (Aishwarya Rajesh) who has million dreams in their life. Kousalya wants to be cricketer and the understanding between the father and his daughter is shown dramatically. Coach Nelson Dhilipkumar (Sivakathikeyan) helps Kousalya to achieve her dreams by training her. Will she able to achieve her dream? Whats the flaskback of Murugesan and Nelson Dhilipkumar? Will Kousalya be able win the World Cup?

The film also shows the troubles that a female cricketer face and the society’s part when they have one such problems like Menstural cycle and the director shows his maturity when he highlights it. This Kanaa will be remembered for Aishwarya Rajesh acting and Sathyaraj’s role as a father and farmer. Sivakarthikeyan plays an excellent role as coach. Watch the film and comment your views regarding it!



Story - 8
Screenplay - 7
Direction - 8
Artist - 7
Music - 7
Cinematography - 8
Editing - 7
Stunt - 7
Dance - 7
Art - 7
- 8

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