kamal R khan calls Kamal Haasan a chaai cum panni !!

kamal R khan calls Kamal Haasan  a chaai cum panni !!

Kamaal R Khan is known for his penchant to make fun of film celebrities through social media, use of bizzarre language and he seems to be back with his gimmicks. This time Kamaal R Khan has targeted none other than Kamal Hassan. He insulted him as a reply to the tribute tweet that Kamal had posted for his mentor Balamuralikrishna. Condoling the death of Balamuralikrishna, Kamal took to Tweeter and shared a post about the singer saying, “81 yrs Mahaguru Dr.Balamurali enthralled millions with music. Thanks 2 technology even death can’t silence his voice. Pranam guruji & goodbye”.

Responding to this tweet, KRK said, “[email protected] you hav only 3,67,000 followers, means you are Chai Cum Panni compare to Me Me Me Me no.1 critic and super star KRK.” This has not gone down well with on to trash KRK with a series of tweets.

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