Kaashmora Movie Review

Kaashmora which had a decent pre-release buzz has released today. This film has Karthi,Nayanthara,Sridivya and Vivek playing the main lead and this film has turned out to be a fusion of various genres.

The biggest strength of the film is Karthi and he plays dual roles in the film and shows great variations between two characters with sheer class and elegance. His brilliance provides major boost to the film and he carries the film on his shoulders throughout. His humor sense is superb and he performs stunning action sequences in the film. His dedication and hardwork is clearly visible in the film.

Nayanthara delivers one of her best performance in the film with terrific screen presence. Even she comes for a short period of time, she dons a majestic role and her powerful performance provides a great boost to the film. Sridivya looks cute and her character has some importance in the story but still ended with minimal scope. Vivek provides laughs at some parts of the film.

The production value is clearly visible in every frame of the film. Visuals of cinematographer Om Prakash is splendid in historical portions and neat in present portions. Director Gokul’s research and detailing is visible in many scenes of the film. Director has merged various genres with great ease to craft the story.

The major drawback of this film is its dragging screenplay and the screenplay should have been more engaging and crisp. Editing is also an another issue which was responsible for the drag. Director Gokul’s story is usual in many places and he could have added more freshness to the film. Director has tried to insert humour at many places which fails to invoke laughter except few scenes. Santosh Narayanan’s songs are pretty average except Oyaa Oyaa which is super classy. His background score is partially good but looked misfit in many places.

Overall this is an one time watchable film for its entertainment, grandeur, performance and visuals. This film is non boring throughout and almost engages the viewers throughout and thus turns out to be a perfect Diwali feast!

Verdict: Super hi fi multi genre film which could have been much better but nevertheless provides decent commercial entertainment.

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