JOHNNY, the Action-Drama film is released yesterday. TOP STAR Prasanth is playing the lead while Sanchita Shetty is his female interest. JOHNNY is the comeback film of the actor and is appreciated by audience. Prabhu, Anandaraj, Aathma and Ashutosh Rana, Devadharsini play the supporting roles in the film. This film is a remake of JOHNNY GADDAR.

The film is directed by Pa. Vetriselvan and produced by his father Thiagarajan. Even though the film has some scenes from old movies, the film can be watched for the actor and his screen presence. The film has great twists and turns and cat&mouse games for the money. The film can be watched even three times for its content. Watch the film and share your reviews!




Story - 7
Screenplay - 8
Direction - 6
Artist - 8
Music - 7
Cinematography - 6
Editing - 8
Stunt - 7
Dance - 6
Art - 7
- 7

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