Highway Kaadhali -For SINGLE BOYS- Latest Tamil Short Film

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Cast :- Pradeep Ranganathan, Amritha Aiyer, Manikandan Vaidhyanathan, Anand Shankar, Gowri Shankar, George, Mambo, Mythili
Crew :-
Written and Directed by Kamal Prakash
Produced by Prashanth Vasan
Executive producer – CK Mohammed
DOP – Vinod Rajendran
Music – Fazil M
Editing & Vfx – Kamal Prakash
Sound design – Sync Cinema
Dialogs – Pradeep Ranganathan
Art Direction  – Charan Mohan
Asst Directors – Anand Raghav, Sanjeev Mohan, Guna GS, Deepan

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