GV Prakash Latest Statement About Kanyakumari People

In the midst of the serious harms in Kanyakumari due to the Ockhi typhoon. On-screen character – music chief G. V. Prakash Kumar has voiced out for the general population in Kanyakumari.

The on-screen character said that “As everybody were expecting for a tornado in Chennai, the typhoon hit Kanyakumari in an at no other time way. I happened to know the force of the tempest through the media and I chose to visit Kanyakumari on Dec 10. In the wake of going to the place, I have come back with an overwhelming heart. I heard the general population say that they needn’t bother with alleviation measures, all they required was their relatives who lost their direction angling, choking amidst the ocean. They additionally say that on the off chance that they were prognosticated of the violent wind, they wouldn’t have sent their relatives to the ocean.

Amid the 2015 chennai surges and amid the Vardha twister in 2016, it was youths who served to a more prominent degree to take Chennai back to its life. Presently I ask for every one of the youths to escape to Kanyakumari and help them all around conceivable. Despite the fact that they request no alleviation measures, it is our obligation to loan our hands. Give the legislature a chance to help them in its own particular manner. Let every one of us hold hands together for the general population sobbing there and wipe their tears.”, said G.V.Prakash, through his announcement.

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