GODS OF EGYPT­ In two languages Tamil & English

GODS OF EGYPT­ In two languages Tamil & English

If we scan through the pages of South India literatures on religion, we cannot miss the mention

of Devas and Asuras both of whom are at loggerheads most of the time! For that matter, when

the existence of God with good characteristic features is established, so is the existence of the

counterpart with not so good characteristic features! If God is interpreted of being Saintly, the

counterpart is being featured as a Devil.

Same is the case in Egypt with respect to the formulation and execution of the culture and

tradition which bear a similar flavor! A case in point is this flick wielded by Alex Proyas, the

maker of films like ‘I Robot’ (2004), ‘Knowing’ (2009) etc. Well known composer, Marco

Bettrami who has collaborated with Alex in both the above mentioned films, has scored the

music for this flick too made at a budget of $ 140 million dollars!

Set (Gerald Butler), hailed as the God of Darkness takes control over Egypt with the evil-agenda

of imposing dictatorial rule in order to assert and affirm His power which eventually causes

conflict and chaos. The people are subject to oppression and are suppressed while their basic

rights are even denied! Bek (Brenton Thwaites) who is hailed as being immortal purely on the

merit of his strength and quest to right the wrongs seeks the patronage of God Horus (Nikolaj

Coster) with the objective of overthrowing Set and also to rescue his love!

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