This film is a call for a democratic revolution

This film is a call for a democratic revolution

Rivan, a documentary film. Maker who has made over 80 documentaries on subjects like tribal welfare and AIDS awareness, is making his debut as a feature film director with Thittivasal,a film that stresses the need for a democrat. Ic revolution. Talking about the film, be says, “The film has a socio- political message that is conveyed through a romance and is set against the backdrop of a tribal village.Today, an FIR can change a person’s life and the film shows how a couple’s life is unfairly affected this way. The film stresses that a democratic revolution is what will set things right rather than people taking up arms.” Mahendran and Trnu shetty play the affected couple while actor Nasser will be seen as a tribal chief who guides His people towards a revolution. Ajay Rathnam plays the leader of a Nexal group. The team has shot the film in places like kotagiri, kerala -Tamil Nadu border, Bangalore and Chennai. Brothers Harish and sathish are the music directors, while German Vijay has composed two songs.

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