Music can change the world because it can change people.”- Bono

Rajiv Menon, the director of ‘Sarvam Thaala Mayam’ brings the concept of Quest for music in every individual who watched the film. Already given the evergreen ‘Kandukondein Kandukondein’ and ‘Minsara Kanavu’, after 18 years brought the same effect that he once gave the audience. Starring G.V.Prakash, the singer turned actor and Aparna Balamurali of Mayaanadhi and 8Thottakal fame, the film shows how music can change the life of a regular person.

The story revolves around Peter Johnson (G.V.Prakash), a regular college going student and a biggest Thalapathy fan. Kumaravel is a Mridangam maker and Peter’s mother is a roadside soup seller. When Mani (Vineeth)’s Instrument breaks and fails to produce the tune, he asks Peter’s father for a new Instrument. Peter takes the instrument and falls for music when hears Mani playing everything in a complete tune. Fascinated, Peter wants Vembu Iyer to teach him Mridangam but he refuses him as he was a Christian.

How Peter learns Mridangam? While he be a competitor for Mani? Will he be a best for his Guru? becomes the rest of the story. Musical Maestro A.R.Rahman, once again made it for the film. Dominance, Quest, Love, Passion makes the film.



Story - 8
Screenplay - 8
Direction - 8
Artist - 9
Music - 8
Cinematography - 8
Editing - 8
Stunt - 8
Dance - 8
Art - 8
- 8

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