Sagaa, the action-drama is directed by debut director Murugesh talks about the lives of five youngsters who is in Juvenile for their crimes. Bankrolled by Shelly Cinemas, the music for the film is composed by Shabir. The film stars Saran, Kishore, Sree Raam, Pandi, Prithivi, Aayira, Neeraja in the pivotal role.

The story talks about Sathya(Saran)and Kadhir (Pandi) who enters juvenile after killing their mother’s murderer. Their comes Ganga(Prithivi), the antagonist who leaves in the jail before Sathya and Kadhir. Siva(Kishore) who is innocent and joins the Sathya gang. Jocky(Sree Ram) joins the gang of Ganga and the battle sets between which gang will rule the Juvenile. Romance happens between Sathya and Aarohi in the flashback sequence while Siva reveals his romance with Pooja and wants to escape the juvenile for his love.

Fight sequence is endless and Kottee has done an excellent job to produce the fight between the teenagers. Shabir’s romantic number ‘Yaayum’ made the film a good one to watch. Watch the upcoming Sagaa in your near by theaters.



Story - 7
Screenplay - 6
Direction - 6
Artist - 7
Music - 6
Cinematography - 7
Editing - 6
Stunt - 6
Dance - 6
Art - 6
- 6

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