I had the best Learning eXperience working with vivekh says Rum Amzath !!

I had the best Learning eXperience working with vivekh says Rum Amzath !!

Amzath is currently working on Rum, which stars Hrishikesh, Sanchita shetty, Vivekh, Mia George and Narain. Though the actor is not allowed to speak much about his role. Amzath says that working with a senior actor like Vivekh has helped him to change his perspective on acting. He says, ” I have a lot of scene with him in the film. And this ia the first time I am working with a senior actor; like Vivekh sir; He gave me a lot of tips on acting, and shared his experience. I get nervous if I go for too many takes while filming a scene, especially if I have combination scene with him. But then, he was sportive enough to encourage me by sharing experience when he started off his career, how it was back then and more considering that he is a senior actor; he didn’t show any attitude on the set. No matter how many takes we went in for; he would wait patiently until we get it right. I had the best learning experience working with him.”
Amzath is also kicked about shooting for a dance number for the film.” Hola Amigo has already become a hit.We will also be shooting for a dance number in a couple of days. I am really looking forward to this song by Anirudh,”says Amzath,adding,” Almost 60% of the film has been shot. We will resume shooting in a couple of days and will mostly wind up the film by june,”Amzath also had Kanbadhu poi with Anjali in the pipeline

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