“Bani is not a debut director, he has introduced a bunch of talents to Industry” Says Isaignani.

Illaya Raja is one of the living legend in Tamil film industry. When his music for a film is decided it gives high hopes for the music as well as the film. Since he now is working for “Yengamma Rani” we sure had to interview him. 

Q: Why did you accept to compose for “Yengamma Rani”?

Today the film industry is going places. Whether it goes in the right path or quite the opposite isn’t even clearly known either by the onlookers or the makers. For instance in many films now a days CG technology is a prompt one. But the result it gives is unsure. In this situation why to invest a separate budget for it.

In todays cinema world a simple story that has a punch of emotions is disappeaing slowly. If the film industry doesn’t bring stories related to temple, cultural background to remind people of our past then it will become obsolete. Our ancestors did these in order to have them mixed in our blood to remind ourselves who we are.

For cinema, even when it is an entertainment industry there must be stories with good intentions carrying individuality. In such way this film has its mark so I was interested to compose music for it.

Q: Could you please state the difference between the films you have worked so far and this film?

I never talk about the film I currently work for. It is in the hands of the people who see the film to say whether it is good. It is for them to decide.

Q: Could you spill a few words about the film “Yengamma Rani”?

A mother would do anything to provide for her child. Her instinct to care for her child wold be 200%. In this film the mother does something for her child which no one would dare to do. This is the difference between other film and this one.

Q:How has the music come for the film?

I have composed a song about “Mother” in this film. I am sure you all will like it. What it would be like to not have a mother has never struck anyone in this world. “Va Va Mahalae” song has already got good review during the promo is to be noted.

Q: Few words about the Director.

Baani is not a debut director, he has introduced a lot of talented directors in the industry. Even when he was an assistant to Samuthirakani, he continued to bring out talented directors in Malaysia. Such an enthusiastic person is he. Direction is like head administration, Baani excelled in such work introducing a bunch of directors is now ready to become a director himself is something to expect.

Q:Could you say about the BGM in the film?

In this film the BGM varies from reel to reel. Basically when we get the theme we tend to develop it throughout the film. But in this film each sequence varies drastically so I had to compose accordingly.It was quite refreshing and interesting to do so. You can for sure expect much when you hit the theatres. The whole film group expects your appreciation and I am expressing it on behalf of the group.

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