Jayam Ravi’s ADANGA MARU has released today. The actor who won our hearts by THAANI ORUVAN AND BOGAN as a cop is again playing a action cop in this film. Raashi Khanna, the Immaika Nodigal bubbly girl plays the love interest in film. The film is directed by Karthik Thangavel and music is composed by Sam C.S.

The story revolves around Subhash (Jayam Ravi) who plays a upright cop whose world revolves around his girlfriend and family. Apart from romance between Subhash and his girlfriend, Raashi Khanna plays a supporting character in the film. A girl dies mysteriously from a middle class family and the senior officials asks him to wrap the case by calling it as a suicide. A disturbed Subhash wants to know the reason behind the death and tracks the case even after being backed-off from it. He finds four youngsters and arrests him but his senior official releases the criminals. Subhash starts to kill them and challenges the superior cops!

Will the youngsters have big background? Will Subhash be able to give justice the family? What will happen after he challenges his officials? Will Subhash be able to stopped by the cops? The director has given a well scripted story and the dialogue delivery and Stunts from the film has made the entire story a massive hit. The music director is getting appreciation for his mass BGM for the film. Watch the film and do subscribe to our V4U Media in YouTube.



Story - 7
Screenplay - 7
Direction - 7
Artist - 7
Music - 6
Cinematography - 8
Editing - 7
Stunt - 7
Dance - 7
Art - 7
- 8

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