Actress Sridevi’s ‘MOM’ movie teaser trending in Pakistan.

The veteran actress Sridevi in ‘MOM’ movie’s  motion poster had been released not so long ago. Yesterday (April 1) the filmmakers revealed the teaser of this movie which has received over 1.2Million views and 10k likes in 24 hours. Now its crossing 2 Million views and still counting.


The Mom teaser was well received by the Pakistani viewers and in Youtube the video has received nearly 900 comments and most of them were coming from Pakistan. The fact behind the hype is that the girl who plays as a daughter of Sridevi is a famous Pakistani actress, Saja Ali. The movie also has Pakistan’s famous actor Adnan Siddiqui  in a pivotal role.

Mom is a woman-centric thriller directed by Ravi Udyawar where Sridevi in the lead while Akshaye Khanna, Abimanu Singh, Saja Ali, Adnan Siddiqui in the main cast.

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