Actor Kalai to be seen in an action- thriller for a very first time !!- AdheKangal

Actor Kalai  to be seen in an action- thriller for a very first time !!- AdheKangal

Kalaiyarasan is on a roll. While the first look of his film Adhe kangal is garnering good responses, the actor is gearing up for his next, Yeidhavan, which is said to be an action-thriller. The first look of this film was relesed on Deepavali talking about the film directer Sakthi Rajsekaran says, ” The film talks about the politics that happens in the field of education. Kalai plays an ordinary guy from a middle class family. He runs a currency counting machine business he faces a problem in his family and how that runs him into serious trouble forms the crux, ” Actor krishna, who was last seen in poova Thalaiya in 2011, makes a comeback in this film. “This will be more like a re- entry for him .he plays a negative role ….and looks some. What similar to kalai,” says sakthi, who will be seen making his directorial debut witlt this project. Satna Titus of PICHAIKARAN her role isn t one of those run of-the -mill heroine roles, she plays an investigative cop and will be seen throughout the film.
Sakthi also says that the screenplay is the highlight of the film he says,” The screenplay is very gripping that the audience wouldn’t be able to judge what will happen next Even though it is revenge story. The sequence are written in a manner that will be interesting. The climax portion that we shot near Red Hills will also be much spoken about The opening scene. Too, starts with an important clue to the film’s storyline,”

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