38 Years Of Priya 38 years of Thalaivar super star rajini ‘s Priya

38 Years Of Priya

38 Years Of Priya 38 years of Thalaivar super star rajini ‘s Priya : Superstar’s first commercial smash hit & first straight 175 days film. Priya completes 38 years but yet the movie doesn’t bore even now today. Priya is his superstar’s first full blown commercial film where he does everything that an Indian commercial hero is supposed to do, on a lavish scale. Superstar sings, fights, dances, handles snakes, does a boat chase & appears at most tourist attractions & cultural events of all 3 countries. Priya story was adaption of Sujatha’s Ganesh-Vasanth novels & screenplay inspired from Ulagam Suttrum Ulagam for investigative narration. Superstar previously appeared in a Sujatha story in Gayatri where he was the villain & Jai Shankar plays Ganesh, in Priya it’s superstar turn to play Ganesh. At that time it was a risky movie for superstar since he had just beginned his new role as full time hero. Before Priya all Superstar movies (Bhairavi, Mullum Malaram, Thappu Thalangal) as hero had strong story made in moderate budget but in Priya it was a action entertainer with big budget, beautiful music by Ilaiyaraaja who gave unforgettable songs like ‘Hey Padal Ondru n ‘Akarai Seemai’ & Sridevi’s glamour was a huge attraction to the film. Awesome job by cinematographer Babu for capturing Singapore so beautifully. The film was shot in Singapore, Malaysia & Hong Kong in 22 days. After Ulagam Suttrum Valiban, the first Tamil film to be shot entirely outside India is Priya. Superstar in Julius Ceasur get up in a scene was another delight. SP Muthuraman thought of using body double for boat rowing chasing scene but Superstar refused & said he will do it. Superstar didn’t know boat rowing or swimming, but due to the need, he practiced boat rowing in a time of 1 hour for a scene & did it. Steve McQueen’s Bullitt car chase sequence were used in Priya Climax chase scenes.

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