25 Years Of Epic Annamalai

The Epic film completes its glorious 25 years today. The Film that gave Definition for Masss Commercial Blockbuster for the first time ever from which the Iconic Superstar Title Font and BGM was introduced . Showed the film industry how a Massss Commercial film should be, deviced the ‘Commercial formula’ in which the entire Tamil film industry is travelling even now. Like the Hero’s introduction to start with a song, showing the hero’s Masss through a slow mo camera from a low angle, rags to riches kind storyline. And all these were in perfect sync for the film with Thalaivar’s terrific screen presence, which stands tall even now, and laid the path for many more blockbusters for Thalaivar most importantly lead to ‘Baasha’

Showed Thalaivar’s pure Masss power was an All time blockbuster sending shivers to the distributors all across the country with an unspoken kind of collections at that time . The Start of the Box Office Baadshah to start reaching out pan Indian level with collections. Each and every Punch Dialogues were raging viral, the aggressiveness of the character, heavy mass moments and the ‘Style’ were at a new high.

-> Who can forget the Famous Snake comedy scene, Thalaivar’s comic timing were so perfect, the innocent act in the First half, Mother, Sister sentiments, all made an enjoyable watch for all class of audiences.

-> Once again the strong Friendship factor in a Thalaivar film. The same friend turning as an enemy, then the revenge, finally their friendship winning were all blood pumping, emotional rollercoaster. The long lengthy dialogue scene after when ‘Annamalai’ house demolished, was one of the highlight scene in Tamil Film history . Innumerous actors had imitated this very scene when trying to show their acting prowess

-> Showed the matured Thalaivar who gave a soulful performance when dealing with his daughter and her love trust with his Friend turned foe’s son, a pure Classs touch after ‘Nallavanukku Nallavan”. When it comes to Father-Daughter relationship on-screen, showed he’s a Class apart.

-> The Famous scene where Thalaivar advises a Poltician ‘Panama sambaarikka Ayiram vazhi irukku, athukku intha punithamana Araisyal ah payanpaduthaatheenga’ , the start of Thalaivar Politics in films

-> The Epic Masss Scene where Tahalivar dethrones SarathBabu in the Hotel Aspeciation Election with Deva’s BGM and Thalaivar Verithana Style, Class with the Smoking effect remains the BEST ever mass scene of Tamil Film History.  The Action scene and the subsequent ‘Kooti Kalichu paaru’ reply dialogue by Thalaivar, the climax sequence with Thalaivar reply dialogue ‘I’m a Bad man’….who can forget these Epic scenes.

-> Deva’s Music and BGM were one of the biggest plus, terrific music which still more elevated the mass level. ‘Vandhenda Paalkaaran’ fused a New energy to Intro Songs, ‘Vetri Nichayam’ became the Insipirational, Must have song in the playlist for Many, ‘Kondaiyil Thaalampoo’ was a craze at that time for its quirky use of ‘Koodayil enna poo, Kushboo’ in it, ‘Annamalai Annamalai’ celebrated the matured love, the longing for the lost innocence of Annamalai, ‘Oru penn pura’ shows the in-depth love of Father towards his daughter A rocking album,  we are indebted to ‘Deva’ for the Verii Title BGM and film’s many mass BGM’s.

‘Malai da, Annamalai’
‘Kooti Kalichu paaru kanakku sariya varum’
‘I’m a bad man’
And above all the famous ‘Intha Naal Un Calendarla kurichu vechukko’ Even now the dialogues are still used in conversations a common person too at least once in their life would have used these dialogues, such is the reach and power of Thalaivar’s words.



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