Ma.Ka.Pa.Anandh – Aishwarya Rajesh’s ” Kadalai ” Review !!

Kadalai, which has RK-turned-anchor Ma Ka Pa Anand, Aishwarya Rajesh, Ponvannan, Yogi Babu amongst others in the lead roles, has released this Diwali. Now let’s see how Kadalai has turned out to be.


Anand is the offspring of Ponvannan, who has great liking for agriculture. Ponvannan wants his son to be involved in agriculture while Anand doesn’t attach any great significance to it. And to add to the villainous touch of the movie there is the real estate agent John Vijay. What is the intention of the villain? What plan does he make to spoil the good ideologies of Ponvannan? Watch the movie to know.

Star Performances

Nowadays it is something heartening that the movie doesn’t rely heavily on the histrionics of the lead actors alone. The supporting artists too are given a meaty role and they perform so well that they get a position close to that of the lead artists. In this film, Yogi Babu amuses us with his body language and idiosyncrasies. As for Ma Ka Pa Anand, he has done a commendable job. Ponvannan is another show stealer of the film who leaves a lasting impression with his good acting. Aishwarya Rajesh takes up the role of the girl who supports the hero during his tough times and is quite good. John Vijay could have done a restrained job.


Director Sagaya Suresh should be applauded for taking up a subject on the importance of farming. However, he could have presented the movie in such a way that the movie doesn’t entirely rely on comedy. In this way, comedy acts as both the advantage and disadvantage of the movie.

Ma Ka Pa Anand has sung one song and also written lyrics for it. The choreography of this song is worth mentioning and Anand has worked on his dancing skills too.

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