Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru Movie Review


Investigation thrillers are very seldom in Tamil cinema and most of these films fails to leave a mark. Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru is an investigative thriller and it is about tracking a psychopath killer. Unlike other investigative films, this turns out to be a gripping one and is able to hold the viewers.

The film is able to attract the viewers from the beginning because of its superbly captured visuals and a stunning title card. When the film progresses, the story of the film becomes more and more interesting with brilliant detailing. Top notch writing from the director is the backbone of the film. Director,Karthick Naren is able to weave a splendid story with world class screenplay and thus providing an unique fresh experience for the viewers in the film. Technically, the film is rich with world class technical standards. Rahman delivers a versatile and natural performance and his experience is clearly seen in every scene of the film. There are various other actors who delivered superb performances, especially the one who played Gowtham is brilliant.

The screenplay is the biggest strength of the film and its one of the best in recent times. This one of its kind screenplay has extraordinary twists, superb detailing and the way, the director thought of picturing various scenes is something extraordinary. Its great to see such a young director with immense amount of talent and he is going to ride high in his upcoming films.

The cinematography by Sujith Sarang is sublime and his visuals elevates various scenes in the film and thus making audience to glue into the film. Camera movements gel with the screenplay of the film which nurtures the scenes of the film. Editing of the film is super crispy and there is no drag in the film. A superb coordination is scene between the director,cinematographer and editor in the presentation of the film. The only drawback in the film is its ending, where many of the ties in the story are broken and thus a little bit of confusion arises with bunch of twists. The ending is still good but not good as the previous portions of the film.

Overall,Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru is an idiosyncratically made investigative thriller which is one of the best in recent times. This film is sure to open new waves in Tamil cinema. As the core team of the film comprises of youngsters, this film will inspire youngsters to make better films. A must watch for everyone as this film will attract and impress every type of audience due to its strong content and presentation.

Verdict: Phenomenal thriller with sheer technical brilliance and detailing

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