Bogan Audio Review

Bogan Audio Review

Damaalu Dumeelu (Singers: Anirudh Ravichander):

Super entertaining track from Imman loaded with peppiness and quirkiness throughout. Celebrated dialogues of big stars comes in between the lines which makes this song more interesting. Anirudh’s eccentric singing adds more fun element and flavor to the song. Not as good as Dandanakka but nevertheless a superb song which will be an another chartbuster from Imman-Anirudh combo.

Senthoora (Singer: Luksimi):

Stylishly composed western melody from Imman and Luksimi has nailed this to perfection with her super dynamic voice with sheer brilliance and her voice is able to easily shift to different notes which is a major plus.

Koodivittu Koodu(Singers: Jyothi Nooran,Aravind Swamy):

Imman’s unique tune is backed by Jyothi Nooran’s unorthodox and masterly singing and the violin tunes which comes in between the lines are classy. Aravind Swamy’s recitation of some lines creates more involvement to the song for the listeners. The song ties the listeners throughout and engages them throughout.

Vaarai Vaarai (Singers: Shankar mahadevan, Shreya Ghoshal):

A winning combo of Imman and Shreya Ghoshal unites and boosted by the presence of Shankar Mahadevan. Starts with a beautiful and extraordinary piece of flute and Shreya Ghoshal and Shankar Mahadevan comes out of their usual boundaries and does something phenomenal. Loaded with splendid strings and beats throughout and they provides superb backing to the vocals. Overall one of the best song in this year.

Yaaro Yaaro Avan (Singer: Vijay Prakash):

Powerful composition from Imman and was rendered by Vijay Prakash in thunderous manner. Has some shades of “Sollividu Sollividu” from Kaaviya Thalaivan but nevertheless a stunning composition from Imman. Sure to enhance the scenes.

Senthoora reprise (Singer: Inno genga):

Reprise version of Senthoora and overall the song is very good but fails to carry the flavor of original version.

Spooky Bogan (Theme):

Starts with a superb piece of whistle and was loaded with electronic beats and jazz. Interesting and idiosyncratic composition from Imman without overloading of beats makes this a very good theme. Will be a treat to watch with visuals.

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